Goulidis Company was established in the Early 70s and started its construction activities in the area of Chalkidiki, by building large complexes of summer vacation houses and residential projects in Thessaloniki. In 1987 the company passed its management to the second generation of engineers with fresh ideas and ambitious targets. This resulted in a direct expansion of its activities mainly in the area of Appartment Buildings and Complexes as well as Commercial type buildings.

Managing to cope with the ever changing environment of the Hellenic Real Estate Development market, simply by differentiating itself in the area of design and quality, created a record of successful projects that form today points of reference for the areas they were build at.

By perceiving each project under a unique both in the operational level and the aesthetically updated one, spending time in the architectural planning and its application in the construction area, succesing to combine the ergonomics with the aesthetics, results in a harmonical coexistence of its natural environment. It also provides a sense of pleasure and an enhanced quality of life to the user.